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Rory MacLean: Pictures of You
Cristina de Middel: The Afronauts (second edition)
Cristina de Middel: This Is What Hatred Did
Cristina de Middel: Jan Mayen
Kalev Erickson: In Order of Appearance...
Amc2 journal Issue 12
Thomas Mailaender: Illustrated People
Amc2 journal Issue 11
Timothy Prus: The Whale's Eyelash
Amc2 journal Issue 10
Amc2 journal Issue 9
Stephen Gill: Talking to Ants
Stephen Gill: Best Before End
Stephen Gill: Pigeons
Stephen Gill: Hackney Kisses
David Thomson: 82
Thomas Mailaender: The Night Climbers of Cambridge
Antony Cairns: LDN3
Cristina de Middel: Party. Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTung
Amc2 journal Issue 8
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin: Holy Bible
Bruce Gilden: A Complete Examination of Middlesex
Amc2 journal Issue 7
Amc2 journal Issue 6
Antony Cairns: LDN2
Thomas Sauvin: Silvermine
Amc2 journal Issue 5
Don McCullin
Antony Cairns: LPT
Amc2 journal Issue 4
Amc2 journal Issue 3
Amc2 journal Issue 2
Amc2 journal Issue 1
Kalev Erickson: More Cooning with Cooners
Stephen Gill: Outside In
Stephen Gill: Hackney Flowers
WassinkLundgren: Tokyo Tokyo
Stephen Gill: Coming Up For Air
Stephen Gill: Archaeology in Reverse
Ed Jones & James Welch: Happy Tonite
Antony Cairns: LDN
Timothy Bond: Roger Hilton – Night Letters
Ed Jones & Timothy Prus: The Corinthians
Ed Jones & Timothy Prus: Nein, Onkel
Thijs groot Wassink: Don't Smile Now
Larry Towell: In the Wake of Katrina
Stephen Gill: A Series of Disappointments
John Davies: The British Landscape (signed copy)
Jacqueline Hassink: The Power Book
Stephen Gill: Hackney Wick
Stephen Gill: Anonymous Origami
Larry Towell: No Man's Land

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So many layers to discover, scary but yet so beautiful! Joseph Chladek on David Thomson’s 82

I’ve shown Issue 8 to some friends, a few others have encountered it without introduction. The response has universally been one of confusion, curiosity and mild intimidation — most have asked for permission to touch it. Photo-Eye on Amc2 Issue 8: Quanshen

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